Matheus Canteri was always meant to be one of Brazil’s top guitarists. Armed with a guitar that his father made him by hand at the age of twelve, it did not take long for Canteri to become the virtuoso now known all over Brazil, South America, and the world. By fifteen, he was being invited by some of the biggest names in the Sao Paulo music scene to record on their albums and by nineteen, Canteri was writing and recording his own original material. His debut album,  Instrumental de Granja, featured the track “Manteiga Bragança,” an instrumental named for his home town. 

The album quickly got Canteri noticed by some of the biggest publications in South America including Guitar Player Magazine. This led to feature articles about the rising guitar hero and his eventual position as a contributing columnist, drafting lessons for the publication. 

The features in Guitar Player magazine eventually led to a friendship with famed Brazilian guitarist, Flavio Gutok, who hired Canteri for several lessons and after being featured on Brazil’s largest television station, The TV Globo Channel, Canteri released his second album, Countrify. The album showed Canteri’s versatility through different styles such as rock, jazz, fusion and country, but all with his own character. Due to the notoriety his second album gave him, Canteri was invited to work with the internationally known duo, Fernando & Sorocaba, traveling with them on tour and giving them guitar lessons. 

In 2010, Canteri was recognized as one of the top guitarists in Brazil for “Vinheta Santo Angelo,” a national guitar playing competition sponsored by Santo Angelo Cables. 

In addition to writing for major publications, Canteri has also released regular weekly videos of playing his own material and ones that honored the biggest names in rock and roll and country music history. One such video changed his life. In early 2016, Canteri payed tribute to the greatest guitar players to come out of Nashville in his “Truck Driving Man” video. Guitarists featured in the video were Johnny Hiland, Guthrie Trapp, Redd Volkaert, J.D. Simo, Porter McClister, and Daniel Donato. The video went viral in America, particularly among Nashville musicians and the guitarists they paid tribute began sharing the video on their own pages. Canteri was quickly becoming a known guitarist in America and he had yet to step foot on US soil. 

In 2016, Canteri visited Nashville and was quickly taken in by the city's elite having opportunities to sit in with The Don Kelley Band, Johnny Hiland, and Tim McDonald. 

He has played some of South America’s largest festivals including CANJA, Cardápio Underground, Grito Rock, Caipiro Rock, Autorock, Sp Country Music festival, SESC and Series Instrumentais, with Dudu do Banjo (the Brazilian legend who has the first instrumental rock tune ever recorded in the country “China Rock” in 1958), as well as Brazil’s biggest guitar festival organized by Total Guitar Magazine. The festival features only Brazil’s top guitarists such as Edu Ardanuy Mozart Mello, Michel Leme, Felipe Andreoli and Faiska...and Matheus Canteri. 

Matheus moved to américa at the end of 2018 and is constantly touring all over the country with The Royal Hounds, which is also one the house bands at Robert's Western World, one of the most famous and respected Honky Tonks in the whole wide world. 

In 2021 the guitarist released his album "A New Land", featuring guest musicians such as Johnny Hiland, Brent Mason and Aaron Till. The release was reviewed by several specialized publications that emphasized the guitarist's musicality and exceptional talent.

Canteri has worked with brands such as Santo Angelo Cables, DR Strings, Anasounds, JRMod, Sonicake, Phenyx, Gudeholo, Donner, Flamma Innovation and is currently part of the artist team of Fuhrmann Pedals, Planet Tone Pickups (With his own signature  Pickup set), Anatomy of Sound Picks and HC Guitars.